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Irish Kentucky Whiskey
I bought a bottle of Irish Whiskey because I'd never heard of the brand before. The liquor store manager told me that he'd been special-ordering it for one guy who stopped coming in, so he had just the one bottle left. Clontarf 1014. Not bad, not bad at all.

And now I have noticed the a line on the label. Gently aged in bourbon barrels. Well, really. So either the distillery is importing Kentucky Bourbon barrels to Ireland (it does indeed say "product of Ireland" on the label), or they are exporting tanks of unaged whiskey to Kentucky for aging there.

I suppose they could be shipping both tanks and barrels, and meeting somewhere in the middle. That would make the least sense of any of it.

It all feels impure. Neither flesh nor foul nor good red herring. Tastes okay, though. Not bad, not bad at all.


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That's one thing I've never had, whiskey. Might have to try some soon.

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