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third party candidates
You: Trump's awful and Clinton's a toad. I'm going to vote third party.

Me: I remember that feeling. In 1980 I got to cast my first vote for President. It was incumbent Jimmy Carter versus Ronald Reagan, so I voted for John B. Anderson.

You: Who?

Me: My point exactly.

(One of two people will be elected President this year. It will either by Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton can do the job. She's lumpy and warty but she can do the job. I'm going to vote for the one who can do the job, not the one who can't do the job, and not one of the ones who isn't going to be elected anyway. When you vote for a third party candidate, you're voting to let other people make the choice for you.)

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Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.

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